Be on the alert! Apology on my family's part!


Hey guys, don't start an organization to stop hackers and don't become a detective either, but if you want to discuss it here:
There's a "hacker" on the forum that likes to mess with Hopscotch accounts..
But he/ she did have the user and pass on a topic, so the person deleted the drafts and published a project with GšŸ¤”1 signed. Don't freak out, but this is a good reminder to not share your private info and passwords online :wink:


Good advice @OrangeScent1. You can see what has happened at this topic too (you can scroll down a bit)

And thank you heaps for sharing that reminder :smile:


No problem :yum:
It's unfortunate that this person thinks this is a joke


Can't like, so here's a :heart:


Yes it is :pensive: But I know you can all continue to use your amazing skills to work together and I'm excited to see what comes out of it :smile:


-sigh- get better soon :yum:



How's this related at all?
It's cute though


We found out that goodthinker1šŸ¤” (GšŸ¤”1) is the hacker search him up and have a


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Scroll down and see what happened here @Gabe_N :wink:



I'm not sure I understood what happened, and thanks for opening the topic again!


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glad to explain
So a couple of hopscotchers, including me, made a collab account and we shared the pass and user to one another publicly, we tried to delete it, but a hacker who lurks in the forum took the password and deleted all the drafts
And seawolfwerehorse that had nothing to do with the topic, and I felt like we should be serious for this, sorry for any hurt feelings.


No one hates you, you just have to make sure your post is on-topic and adding to the conversation :smiley:


Hate is a strong word. Don't worry, I think you're a nice a funny person. DO NOT FRET.


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It's just being serious, not to hurt you šŸ™


It's best to email things to each other, although it might limit the amount of Hopscotchers in the collab. I have an email just for Hopscotch so it doesn't get cluttered with everything else.


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