Be more chill by aaaaaaaaaaAAAH


hi its onnie weLcome to my g e n e r a l topic

idk im kinda done with @OnceUponATime shes boring and unfunny and cant bake a gud cookie

still gon us her tag list tho O




She’d be great friends with @TheMasterOfAirjitzu, he is terrible, can’t even tell the difference between brown sugar and un dyed white sugar.


w o w

they would make gud frens i agree

her cookies taste like sawdust, mine taste like refined sawdust


oh hi person who’s totally not onnie how are you on this fine day


hello! i’m gud bc cookies but bad bc onnie is boring.

i am… einno!


actually onnie is an awesome person


that’s very nice of u to say but no einno is cooler then her


nah they’re both the same person so


His pancakes taste like dough, mine taste like cooked dough.



sacre bleu

no bUt i am alison dilaurentis and she is courtney shes not as cool and, um, murderous


you’re the same person onnie lol


sooooo uh in all seriousness how are ya


good hbu


im impersonating her we the dilaurentis twins times two


i’m alright heh

it’s finally friday aaaa


i don’t have school today so that’s noice

i have a four-day weekend intrigued eyes





anyways i’m not the real froggie i’m eiggorf and i’m cool


no u never will be bc i like the real onnie


rumplestiltskin laugh

don’t u mean oireehc