I'm not sure if I made a topic like this already but here we go...
We all need to be extra careful abort what we type into our computer.
Everything we post here is saved into the server. Everything you search in Google is saved into the server. Everything you post on social media is saved into the server.
If you post a hate comment saying something like "KYS!" of "You're ugly, I hate you!" it WILL be saved into the server, even if it's deleted I think. The team will see it. It will haunt you for the rest of your life knowing that you posted something telling someone something horrible and that it was saved into the server and we can't forget it. If you post something nice, it will be saved into the server as well. It will make you happy for the rest of your life knowing that you made someone happy and that it was saved into the server so nobody will forget that moment.
As I said, everything is saved into the server. If you watch LeafyIsHere, you probably know from one of leafy's most recent videos that things get saved into the server and it you give enough information, there's a chance you may be tracked down in real life. Be careful of how much information you share, because it WILL be saved into the server! If someoen hacks the team and looks in the server or whatever, they will see that information and if they're good emoji, they'll track tou down! Unless you wanna be tracked down by an 80-year-old (okay we can't say this word because it's bad for young children) er... PERSON... then don't share a bunch of information. You CAN share:
Your country
First name (unless it's really, really, REALLY, unique and unused)
Gender (choice)
Favorite color

Stuff like that.
Stay safe



Change your profile picture or I'll have to block your account.

This topic has been flooded with unwanted conversation



Also, why doesn't the twenty character rule work? :slight_smile:


I don't get this but okay


That's not them!

That's Jacob satorius.


Why is this unlisted


It's not them!

It's a famous kid named Jacob Sartorious, who writes music! :D


Ha, no idea who's that person.


He's a kid singer known for his musicals and his "cringe"


I don't think he's cringey though


The kid is not her, it's a celebrity(?) named Jacob Sartorious


@rodrigo that's a picture of a famous person... I think you were mistaken. But that's okay, everyone makes mistakes
But I make way may more mistakes than anyone else I don't know why


@kiwicute2016 I don't think Rodrigo will see my post can you tell him my profile picture is a famous person



He allready knows!:wink:


I made another mistake...
(Writes 1,573,924th mistake down on the miles long list)


Everyone makes mistakes and that wasn't even one really!


Interesting. And yes, I've learned from my mistake. Everyone in the forum has told me that that's a "famous person" (a YouTuber, at least). So, it's not that bad.

But, nevertheless, I think there's a "no pictures" policy on the forum, am I right? It doesn't matter if it's famous. I've never seen a profile picture with a person.


SassySinger had one of the same person before, and this one person had a picture of I think Markiplier or PewDiePie as his picture.
Wait there's a policy
I am soooo late