Be a designer!Yaya


Ima going to be a designer like @Rodrigo. I am going to make my own shirt with my Mom's help though. It is going to have the Hopscotch logo on it.


bumping dis topic up.


Cool! :D




I will take a picture once i make it.


@Rodrigo, wat do you have to say about this?


It's pretty cool, I'm excited to see that people wanting to be a designer. In fact, a lot of what Hopscotchers do while making games is design. A lot of good Hopscotchers have very good deisgn skills :thinking:


Once I was making a flyer for Life Skills and my teacher said it was good. I want to be a designer.




Whoa, that's cool! Can you share a pic with us when you're done making it?


Ya I will. Idk when I will start it. Its 11:35 and I am still doing my Homework. XD


Oh ya, here is a thing where I make my designs.


Cool! I use canva too :slight_smile: If you want to make your own products and buy them (such as shirts, mobile cases, bags hoodies and more), check out Spreadshirt (


I wanna be a designer like @Rodrigo when I grow up it will be awesome!
Did u know he is very good at art too?


I didn't :stuck_out_tongue:

Kewl @Phase_Admin!