Be a.......... awesome person


plz don't be annoying


i wan't annoying geez ._.


Donald trump is the word you're looking dor


what is that again?




A silly clown
I'm kinda scared of clowns but this guy isn't scary it's funny


It's so funny though lol


This is your first warning

please stop being offensive towards me.

I will have a meltdown if this keeps up.


This isn't going to resolve anything.

It's going to end up with consequences with no benefits.

Please stop before this gets out of hand.

You had the choice to explain yourself, and instead, you chose to be rude to someone else.
Go ahead. Actually explain yourself using less rude words and we'll listen.
Speaking louder doesn't necessarily grant yourself a louder audience. Speak in kinder words, in words that we'll take into heart.




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