Bday characters?



I'm just wondering... But can there be b-day characters? y'know, like characters holding party items and wearing party hats, etc. would that be a good idea? Reply to me and tell me what you think.


This would be a really cool feature!


Cool idea, but please search before you post!


Good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I searched up "bday" and found out this is the only project about birthday characters so you were sorta wrong about that :confused:


No, I was talking about custom and new characters. Maybe I should be more clear :sweat_smile:


yes sometimes i get confused and think somebody is wrong about something if they are not clear enough.


Cupcake as a gift!

Like a cup gift or gift cake... :sweat_smile:


I think gift cake is a good name. Ps your a really good drawer! :slightly_smiling:


What do you use to edit the charecters


An app called sketchbook! :wink:


oh coo!l i may check it out


I use that too!

And By the way, I like the idea of Gift Cake


cups as gifts=bad, cake as gift=good

mmm... cake...


Hi Magma , can you tell me who made the game so I can get it and how much it is? Thankyou