BB's and EP's partner topic :D



And in the map there’ll be enemies etc

wait, this is too much like the super Mari bros layout. Do you think we should have it in an another way?


I like that! If you want to change the layout we can, but I think it is fine!


Anyways, many games have that layout.


Yeah, that will be fine


I think it would be cool if there were powerups


So first, let’s think of a character.


Oh, yes.

that would make it even more like super mario bros.

But we can do our own powerups.


I’ll go for a while now.

When I come back I hope that I’ve got some good ideas.


I’ve got to go somewhere too. See you!


I think the main person should fight the big octopus guy.


That would be really cool!


Omg!!! What a special post XD





Thinking of a main character is really hard, so I still haven’t figured that out XD

I was wondering if our game will be an adventure game or just killing enemies to get to the boss.


It would be more fun with an adventure game XD


Yeah, that is what I was thinking


The main character is a big problem. Should we ask for help?


I help
I love helping
what help do u need?


We need help with ideas for a main character in our adventure game.


ok cool.
maybe you could make it like a blob or a stickman

I think HS characters will be kinda boring