BB's and EP's partner topic :D



Okay, I have to get ready for school! Bye! See you later!






Maybe we should make games by trading drafts. That would be more easy


Yeah, I've never done that. We could though!


Then we publish what we've done, copy the link, and unpublish it


Yup! That'll work! We have to know who has the newer version so that I don't do something while you are adding something.


Have you noticed that everyone is making magazines?




Yeah, I was going to, but I decided not too


Maybe we both can make one together? That would be cool.


Sure! I'll think about it. I have to go get ready for school. I might be able to come back and talk for a little. Bye!


If we make one, it can be called the BP news! What do you think?


Would you like to make a game with me?


Pls delete that post.


Sure! What game?


How about an adventure game?


I was wondering why you never answered that question but then I saw that the topic was in lounge.


Sure! That works.


Yup, still not regular XD