BB's and EP's partner topic :D



Have you start at it?


Um... No... sorry! I'm really busy. When I'm done I'll start it though!


@EP125 I think we should do a game together!


Do you have any ideas?


Um, not really... I'll start thinking...


I've one!

Look here for information about it! I think we can do it together!


Sure! That sounds fun!


Have you read it?


Yep! It sounds super fun! We can make up our own ideas for villages! We could even make people walking around


Yeah! What should we start with?


A title screen I guess. Should we make the villages 3D?


That would be cool but I think we just should have it in 2D!

I have one idea of how the title screen could be!
It could be the title "Hipscotch Town" and a button called enter and two houses beside the title or enter button


Ok! Sounds great! Who will make the title screen?


Who do you think?
I think I should do it or you should do it lol




I mean hopscotch town!


I don't know who should do it. It's your choice because you came up with the idea


Oh, that makes a lot more sense! :grinning:


But it's our account! Both can do a little! I can try to do a little now


Ok! I'll do a little later. If you get back and I'm not here, I'm at school. 100th post! Yay!