BB's and EP's partner topic :D



We can search a little and post it here!


Okay, I'll go search up some things...


@EP125 so you have this at watching? If not turn it on please!

Here's some pictures:


Those look cool! And yes it is on watching. Is it okay if I get the pictures I was going to post?


Here's one more pic:


Is it just me? Or are we both finding dragon pixel arts?

Sorry for not editing the photo.


The last pic isn't in pixel art!


Yeah, whoops! XDD Double chin Well, here is another pic-


No grid though :frowning:


I think that's too hard!

I want to make this:


Sorry, one more pic-

So which do you want to do?


Same as the thing I post before!


Ok! I guess lets do that!


Also- sigh

Almost 50% of the conversation has been by me!


Are you Inloged?
If so please log out because I can do the colors! I know a website for it and a type that is like SS style but faster!


I'm not logged in, and I was just going to ask if you wanted to make the style that you made up and find the colors! XD


Say to me when you have log out!


I wasn't logged in XDDD (triple chin)


I've already started now!
Bai a little


K, tell me when you want me to code some. I'll be doing stuff