BB's and EP's partner topic :D





@EP125, do you want the password?




What's the username again?


It won't let me log in, I wonder what is going on, is this right,


@EP125 do you want to make a project with me?


Sure! What project would you like to make?


I don't know!
Do you have some ideas?


Well, we could make a double pixel art maybe? Or a RPG where you are a potato and you get turned into a French Fry? IDK XD


@EP125, I know what's wrong when you should login!

I forgot the - in the name
Name: BP-12Box

Pas: I think you remember that


Maybe an big pixel art in our collab account!


Oh! Ok, thanks! Now I should be able to log in


Yeah! We both love pixel art, I just had an idea, two pixel arts, but one is in inverted colors? Or would that be too hard?


I'm already Inloged to it!


What do you mean?
Two pixel arts in one project?


Ok, we both shouldn't log in at once so that we don't lose progress. We should always tell each other if we are logged in


Yeah, and they are both the same thing, but one is inverted colors


Maybe we should make just one pixel art.
A big one!

I will log out now


I'm in my BB-Box account now


Okay, but what pixel art?