BB-Box project topic!


(This was first made by @EP125. All credits go to him)

Hi! This is my project topic where I will show my newest projects, describe them and ask for feedback. I will show my WIP's (work in progress).
I will also ask for help to my WIP projects.


Be kind!
Don't say something bad about a project, just something that I could do better!
No flame wars!


Newest projects:

WIP projects:

Old projects:

(None yet)




Looks great.
I could never do pixel art like that


Thank you!


Do you think I should add the OMTL to this topic?


Yes I think you should


Do you want to see what I should do later?


Can I do this topic aswell?
It'll be cool like I'll do the same thing!


Really good idea, @EP125 and @BB-Box!
I'll make a similar topic aswell!


That's okay @HopedHoper and @CreationsOfaNoob!
Just give @EP125 credits.
Me too if you want


Your PixArts are so güd!

I'm procrastinating terribly on mine…


Thanks for giving me credit! You didn't have to though. :smiley: