BB-Box Pixel Art Topic :D


Hello! This is my pixel art topic! This was inspired by @bluedogmc-official. Here I will show my pixel art, etc. old ones, WIP (work in progress), pixel arts I will make.
Feel free to give feedback!
Feel free to request something!

Pixel art:

Newest pixel art:
Raichu pixel art!

Description: it's the Pokemon Raichu in pixel art! It's SS style but faster. Ask for code!


WIP pixel art:
Snowman pixel art

Description: it's a snowman in pixel art requested by @SmilingSnowflakes!

Pixel art I will make

Old pixel arts:


Description: it's an octopus in pixel art!


Yoda pixel art:

Description: It's Yoda in pixel art made in the old square version!


Pixel smiley:

Description: it's two smileys in pixel art that I made without a pic!


Super Mario pictures pixel art:

Description: there is a flower and Mario in pixel art!


Storm trooper pixel art!

Description: it's a storm trooper head in pixel art! And each text make 5 lines!





Cool! I´ll check those out later.



The first isn't really good


I'm gonna check them out too!


Your PixArts are amazhang!




Thanks for both thankses! :000


Wait..... You quoted




Cool! I bookmarked this so I can get back to it!


Thank you!


Hey @BB-Box i love your mewto can you maybetry tern that into a 3-D thing i know its a lot to ask for but ill credit you sense ill use it for my pokemon youll be rite next to creations of a noob


What do you mean?
Should I do it in text art?


The Raichu looks super cool! Gonna nominate it!


Gotta check them out!:laughing: