BB-Box Official fan-topic



Hi and welcome to the fan topic for @BB-Box!

First, @Everyone is great and deserves a fan topic! But, I can´t do all of them :frowning:
Here, you can talk about @BB-Box stuff like his projects, and you can make projects for him.
@BB-Box, you are going to be tagged a lot :slight_smile:

And, I am not new to the forum. This is a second account that won´t be used much. Try to guess who I am, or look at @BB-Box´s general topic. The main account will probably reply in this topic.

Have fun replying, liking or reading!


@BB-Box is Senpai!!!


Thank you very much! I think this is the first fan topic ever


Some other ones have made this I think.
Hi senpai!


I will reply here much, even if it is hard to reply to myself :slight_smile:


Hi again!


Yay! @BB-Box is so awesome!


Hi! I will need to log out in a few minutes but I made this because I really wanted to.


Thank you!




@BB-Box- Possible Profile Pic? IDK XD


I will change it!
That's a fun pic


You will? Thank you! I can't believe you are changing it to something I made! Thanks!


Why do I have this feeling that @BB-Fan is you :thinking:


It's not, maybe it's you. :0 JK, It's really not me though


Yeah, you got me, it's me :sweat_smile:
JK it's not!! XD


I wonder who it is...


@PopTart0219 can you check IP?



I know who it is