BB-Box idea topic :D



I'm out of ideas right now. I haven't get some really good ideas before :confused:
So now I think of making a idea topic and now I make it.
Here you can give me ideas for different projects. I enjoy ideas for a game, not just pixel art but that would also work. I want single ideas.
I'll really enjoy all ideas I get :slight_smile:

Ideas I will use:




Make… something on… Hopscotch :scream:


Off course XD lol


Try remaking one of your very first projects all over again to see the difference!


What do you mean?
Have you seen my first project? If not, go and look at it now


I might have but can't remember \:


More ideas???
I really need it


What about a game where you can design your own piece of clothing?


Hmm... That would be hard for me because I'm not good at things like that!
Maybe a game


Do you have any apps that are games that you could recreate?


I don't have any game apps on my school iPad



Well, worst case scenario..


That don't work for me. I want single ideas


Hoi @BB-Box!
You can make a game about cookies!
You use a hollow candy cane to shoot down the evil doghnuts with yummy choc chip cookies. But the doughnut boss will dodge and shoot you.
You have to dodge the sticky icing the doughnuts are shooting and shoot down all the evil doughnuts. If you shot all the evil doughnuts, the doughnut boss will die and you will win.
But if the doughnut boss shot you too many times, you will die and the game will be over.
I hope you like my idea!:wink:


I have an idea: Make a newbie project XD jk
A better idea is to make an RPG


Oh you liked this @BB-Box!:smile:


I don't really know! I haven't really anderstand it but I will read it again, and also I like around every post I can


Hmm… Here comes an explanation:

The player: controls the cookie-shooting candy cane. Dies when health gets to 0. Can dodge the sticky icing and attack Doughnut Boss.

Choc chip cookies: shoots down the evil doughnuts and decreases Doughnut Boss's health
Candy cane: shoots out cookies

Evil doughnuts: can move around and dodge the cookies. But can not attack the player.
Icing pipe: shoots out sticky icing

Sticky icing: shoots the player and decrease the player's health.

Doughnut Boss: controls the icing pipe that shoots sticky icing at the player. Dies when his health gets to 0. Can dodge the cookies and attack the player.


Great topic! I get ideas when looking at other peoples projects, recreating IRL stuff or just randomly.
But, I have some ideas for you, friend, that is sorted by categories!
Games: Maybe make a game when you can cook things? Like the projects "Make a s'more" by a hopscotcher I can't remember or Sushi maker by @MagmaPOP.
Art: Maybe create something from your life but in hopscotch? Your iPad? The beach? Donald Duck? Minecraft blocks? Quotes?. There are lots of stuff.
Websites: A cool website for yourself or anything else would be cool!
Music: Your own music or a song.
Logos: This is art, but I write it here for some reason. Logo requests? Apple logo? Audi logo? Facebook logo? Instagram logo?... Or anything else.

This is just basic ideas, so ask me for more and I will give you great ideas!


Amazing ideas!
But can I get more?