BB-Box General topic :D



That is a lot! You are really close to how many days @BB-Box have visited the forum.


Why’s no one talking to BB? Hi @BB-Box


I don’t know.
How’s life?


Hello @BB-Box! How are you?


I’m actually pretty good.
How about you?


Join this contest


Meow, I’m going to make a game about a snowman with CoSine. TBH I don’t know how other members will do trail arts (if Dolphy will make pixel art). But the weakest part of our team is CoSine, that’s why I’ll make it.


I am super good. Halloween is coming up and I am excited. I am going to publish a big Halloween game. :slight_smile:
@BB-Box and @DMF I see you both replying.


That’s good.
It could be a cosine/sine project that’s a game.
Then it’s not in the game category.


I’m excited(is that how it spells?) for that project.




That’s how it’s spelt. I am excited too, that project is going to be pretty cool.




I started to work at an old project I think could be really good.
I’ve been starting to learn java and I don’t know anything yet XD


Hows life


Life is pretty normal
How’s your life?

Btw, it was a long time ago


That’s cool! Java is a great programming language, but I don’t know how to code with it either. Good luck coding the project and to learn more programming languages.


Btw, are you learning python still?


Pretty good lately


Yes, I am, and it goes pretty well. Right now, I am trying to use Python more with other services using the function Modules in Python. But Hopscotch is still my main focus, I only code sometimes with Python :slight_smile: