BB-Box Game Show :0


I made this because everyone else made it!
So yeah, I will ask a question and you will answer! If you get right answer you'll get one point!


@William04GamerA: 1
@TheRealBlah: 0
@KoolM123: 1


1 points: a like

5 points: 5 likes

10 points: 10 likes/ a follow

15 points: 5 likes and a follow

50 points: 20 likes and a follow




First question plz !!


First question: what's my favorite food?


I am ready...


Sushi? Pizza? Hot dogs? Noodles? Pasta? Surströmming (LOL)?


Spaggetti Bolgenase.
Fried Rice.
Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Choose one!


@William04GamerA get 1 point!
Answer: pizza


Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Are you ready for question 2?




Yay! So you don't like surströmming?

that's the worst Swedish food ever...


Of course! I am ready!


I heard it's the worst food in the world. I also heard it stinks.


I know!
Question 2: what was my second first project?


I have just smelled it. I will never be nearby it again.


I don't have any idea...


A Bad Game.


You'll get one point!


What's the next question!?