BB-Box coding partner!



I'm looking for a new coding partner. I need one who are online much. We will do different projects and more...


Hopscotch username:




I would, but I already have one, sorry!




He isn't on the forum, his username is FriendlyJackhammer, he is my cousins best friend.


I will!
Hopscotch username: murphy​:smiley_cat:
Strength: shapes and angles (I got 163 likes on one why not?)


Oh! I have heard of him before!


I will not choose yet! I will wait a little.


Yeah he is awesome, I was thinking that I can enter your competition, and if I won, I could have two!


Backgrounds,Pixel art (kind of) and trail art


Here is my form-
Hopscotch Username- EP125
Strength- Pixel Art (Sort of), and Values


I really want you as my coding partner, because
1-You are so awesome!
2- We are pretty alike
3-FriendlyJackhammer has kind of abandoned me.


I need a new one because my old was titanboy and he have also like abandoned me.


I know that feeling, FriendlyJackhammer has entered other coding partner competitions, and I get the feeling, we aren't partners anymore. I don't know though


My first was cheese toasty! and he just left.


That is sad, I don't think I followed him :frowning:


He leave before you joined.


Oh, I joined Hopscotch in January, is that when he left? (I made my new account in May)


Hmm I may do it with you..what will we make?? And if I did do it I could probably do it for 1-2 projects cause I'm busy


Or I don't really know! You joined before he leave.


Oh, I didn't even know who MagmaPOP was for the first month, so I didn't really know anybody.