BB-8 Droid game collab



Hey guys! I've started making a BB-8 droid as present of the new star wars movie! The story is BB-8 is on Tattoonie but then he goes in a portal to a bad side of earth were there is lots of monsters :scream: and he has to escape! (platformer) I thought it might be a little hard since im not such a good coder...:sweat_smile: so I think I would make a collab! I would please want 5 hopscotchers first 5 who apply will take a part.


Can I be in? I want to see the new movie today!


Ok cool! Which part do you want to be?


Can I join? I'm seeing the new star wars movie today or Monday.


I want to do all of the movement and physics and stuff, I feel like we need a intro to the game.


Ok cool! I'l give the username and password when i've recovered it:sweat_smile: and yes @GirrafeProductions you can join which part do you want to be?


The character or the designing like background and maybe the intro unless someone else wants the intro if there is an intro.


Ok! You can do tje background and there will be an intro also I guess ill hqve to make a new account wait wut?


Ok I've made a new account before I tell you the password and username do you know how to make covered text so only the people who have joined can see it?