Battle of art? :D



Continuing the discussion from The Battle of the Collaborations:

There is battle of the collaborations, but what about art?

So basically it's like the battle of collabs, except it's just art!


  • You need to make an art account with ONE OTHER PERSON!

  • In that account, you will draw art on any draw pad!

Whats happening:

  • this is like the process of elimation. There will be a category, then both of you will have to separately draw something that goes with that category. Then we will vote on which team should be eliminated. Last team wins!

  • You are working together as a team sort of. You will both be in the same account, and you will be competing together. Which means your art is judged as one, not two.

Get it?

I don't know if this will work out, let's see! :smiley:

Battle of musicians

I'm horrible at art so i can't, but great idea anyway!


and how will they notify them the password?


They can quote it! ;)


i mean, like how in secret?


I was wondering too!


Here is a tip!
Say you have 4 teams.
When you make the poll do:

Now this will stop biased voting,
if you make poll number "2" Team 4 or make it complety scrambled there will be no way of biased voting :D


we mean how do you share the password!


so like

  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Team 3
  • Team 4


but i still don't understand what you mean... :confused:


Is this process randomized, or do we get to choose a person to collab with? :3


ill still try to do it even though I'm horrible at are :smiley:


If we get to choose, @RenegadeBird1, want to go with me?


Then if the poll number Team 3 wins it means the actual team 1 wins.


Hmm.. I'm not fully sure if I can join yet. But, if I do choose to participate, then yes. :D


oh, i get it... so community voting? not judges


Yay! Thank you so much! (If you join)


Yes, but the voters don't know who is in what team :wink:


but how will you send password :laughing:


so no "I pick Dude73!!!!" just because she's good at drawing


Hopscotch emails? If we do that i will need to get one.