BasketBall ShootOut



Well, I was sugested to make a maze game, but I decided not to do it. Although I am making a BasketBall game that you have to shoot and it goes where you swipe/touch and make it look like you are shooting the ball and it will look like it will be going farther away from you. It will come out on Thanksgiving week.


Awwwwww. I thought the maze game would be cool, but that is your choice. Too bad.


THIS IS A MESSAG!E! Because I have people's coming over for a while I will be releasing this before next Friday, not tomorrow, but next Friday. This will only be in beta, I will need more stuff later but I will probably have to do stuff. I will be on the Forums though.


@SnowGirl_Studios, do you know how to make something look like it is going farther away from the player?????


umm I think so here let me make a test project then I edit saying yes or no @phase_studios
edit: @Phase_Studios I can make something look like it is going farther away from the player
edit 2: oops sorry for to to @'s


@Phase_Studios I do. Make it slowly shrink, maybe move a bit in the process.


And does anyone know how to make a smooth semi-circle that is big?????


you can use a emoji or use a shape and shrink it a bit
edit: didn't see semi you can use fancy key or Unicode to get a semi circle


You peoples are all given likes just cannot give them right now.


@Phase_Studios here is a link to a test I kind of did but its just a test with the going away part if you add angles and degrees it will look more realistic
Test Project


Thank you for the project, I will remix.


Your Welcome @Phase_Studios if you need any more help just @ me


I saw your basketball shoutout very nice job :slightly_smiling: @Phase_Studios


Why thank you so much @SnowGirl_Studios! Their is still lots more to go though!!! LOL


well its great so far! @phase_studios
edit: I cant wait to see more @Phase_Studios