Basketball Game Idea


So I am a massive sports fan especially when it comes to the NBA. So I was wondering if any good hopscotch coders would like to join me in making a sort of basketball game my two ideas for playstyle were these:

  1. A simple 3D’ish game where you shoot the ball into the hoop but it’s not a side view more of a first person view

  2. A two player game with two stick people, a side view, and just all around fun

2’ish. Another option for the second one is a one player game where you face an AI that has different difficulties


Ehm, I’m not very good at coding but I will tag some people to help you!

  1. @BlastFusion
  2. @JonnyGamer
  3. @Petrichor
  4. @William04GamerA
  5. @FRENCH_WAVE123
  6. @PartTimeFemale
  7. @DMF
  8. @Jordan
  9. @ThinBuffalo

Hope this helps!


Answer: Meeeeeeee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Weeel, you can try to use text art, ( that’s what I normally for some reason do)


I will just I need some good developers to help with the coding of it.


Ty! (dumb filller text)


I’m goood at Text art


Hmm, I don’t exactly understand, do you mean like using emojis to mak art?



Lil pieces of blocks together with these space blocks


Ur welcome. And no, text art is making things (simplified: pictures/art) just with text only.


Hmm I don’t know if that’d match my game’s style


Unless I do the player vs ai/player vs player design where it’s a side view


It can become this


What kind of characters (style: emojis, text art etc) do you have in mind?


Since I’m going for the NBA like I was for the side view gonna have them be drawn but then i’d have to find a way to make those drawings move


Ew normie


Try using shapes


Look at game changers.

SHould be kind of easy. You can figure it out


uh hey why did you tag me i don’t code