Basketball Discussion


This is the basketball topic.

Yes, a sports topic.

In this topic, you will

  • Talk about basketball
  • Predict the NBA scores for next season
  • Talk about NBA games and teams
  • Talk about NCAA or High school leagues
  • Talk about Basketball games
  • Talk about your relationship with basketball
  • Ask and share tips relating with basketball
  • Anything else relating to basketball

Don't worry, I will make a project when the NBA Tip off begins announcing my predictions and stuff. Somewhere around that period I will.

This topic is mainly for discussion. You might say this is off topic but at least I made a topic and didn't have to go on multiple other topics.

If you're not going to contribute positively to the discussion then leave.


@PixelMaster64 @PixeIMaster64 @PixelMaste64 which one are you


I know nothing about basketball!


Which wat





but why basketball?


I liek basketball. My tryouts are coming up soon.


Aye nice you want any tips


I need basketball tips ;-;


Ugh, I know!
Kevin Durant is getting lots of hate from Oklahoma City. Though, it doesn't seem to be getting to him.


NaH. I don't need them.


Gym favorite team is the Cavaliers!! Don't worry I am not a band wagoner!!


Well yeah he was one of the good players who left to join steph curry and Klay

Well I mean they lost their first preseason game lol well have to see how it turns out


Cavaliers won last year thanks to Lebron lol
*lebron joins golden state*


Good thing he didn't!! He wouldn't beacasue they already have KD.


But he could be a bench player


I know, but Lebeon is a starting small forward not a bench player. If that happened I think he would say no.


Javale McGee is like the only reason why the golden state is going to be a cringe team


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I remember watching his Shaqtin fools. They are soooooo funny!!


Lol same

Who do you think will win the finals this year