Basic user problems!


So I a, a new user and i am happy12345678910 on hopscotch! Well yesterday I posted some stuff and at the end of the day I wanted to reply to someone about polls but it did not work because it said "you have reached the max a basic user can post in a day?" Why can't I post more??? And how do I become not a basic user?:grinning::smile::grinning::smile::grinning:


Here you go, I hope it helps :wink:


Also you can't post becuz Discourse doesn't trust you a lot becuz you are a basic user. You have to Wait until you become a member or higher to post unlimited :wink:


For basic users, they want to make sure you aren't a bot, and so you don't post bad stuff and become member. You'll get more replies as a member


so when can i become a member... how long will it take??


It depends! Just keep participating on the forum and you'll become a member soon :wink:


I'm pretty sure you already are a member!


They're still a Basic...for now :wink:


Thanks to t1 for the pics!


I don't know because I did not get a notification about me getting the member badge!


I wrote that at the doctors.

You are not a member yet, but you will earn it soon enough!