Basic human tutorial-well, half of one!



I am not well known in the art community, but I will try my best. This is how I draw. First, you sketch it out.

Then outline and color. Erase the pencil lines.

Add on! I drew it with devil horns because she looked like a vampire/devil. RAGHH!

I hoped this helped. Oh, and I'm taking requests on my hopscotch channel! It's the same as my forum username except that there's a :wink: at the end. That's all! Bye guys!


Great drawing! Try to keep ALL topics related to hopscotch. Thanks!


Thanks, but isn't this helpful to all those Hopscotchers who want to be artists? Start with something basic and then the MagmaPOP of art! (Heh heh heh...lame Hopscotch comparison​:sweat_smile:)


That's really good! Be sure to make topics related to hopscotch on the forum though :wink: There is a topic you can post art on though! Why don't you post it there?