Banyan Perspective Bug!


i found a bug! Please fix! It looks like the banyan Sprite has been badly made... :frowning:

Vector characters blurry?

Is this in the beta or no? Cause when you set a bigger size it starts to get weirder and weirder. In beta


Nope. It was just a one time bug. I realized it didn't happen in a different project I made


It looks very pixelated, it isn't out of perspecticve. Try refreshing your iPad or hopscotch because this is the effect you get when you enlarge emojis


Thanks, I figured out that this was a one time bug in my device. Thankfully, it's nothing major!


592 days ago! :slight_smile:

Yeah, this bug is still bugging me! :ant:
It can mess up projects, it's a bug in JPEG
Hopscotch needs to use a different smoothing system