Bandaid Requests! REQUSTS ARE CLOSED! :P


These mini bandaids are up for requests!



Tape colour:
Pad colour
Little dot colour:


Tape color: Orange!
Pad colour: Red!
Little dot colour: White!


They look cool! I'll have one! These are very creative!
Tape colour: That skin colour
Pad colour: Purple
Little dot colour: Red


You're taking text art to a whole different level! That's a creative and a great idea! :D


Tape color: Green!
Pad color: Blue
Dot color; Yellow!


Tape color: blue
Pad color: green
Little dots: grey


Tape colour: Light purple
Pad colour Light green
Little dot colour: Light blue


@Gilbert189 @RubyWolf1 @Niftynia75 @Paydent12 @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf Yours are all done! Check my HS for them.


Tape: HSB(1,0,90)
Pad: HSB(1,0,95)
Dots: same as tape

ghost band-aid cuz why not XD


It looks great! Thanks! What should I make with text art?


Tape- light blue
Pad- pink
Little dots- white
P.s. This is an awesome idea, I love it:D very creative


@CreativeCoder @smishsmash Your logos will be done soon, after I have lunch.


Awesome! Thx @AHappyCoder


Tape color: Violet
Pad color: Turquoise
Little dot color: Purple
The Holly Band-Aid? xDD


Wow... What are projects turning into these days?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just kidding! I really like them! :smile:


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Tape color: Neon purple
Pad colour: Darker Yellow
Little dot colour: Yellow


Tape color: 25% invisible regular bandaid color
Pad color: 50% invisible white
Little dot color:


Tape Colour: Brown
Pad colour: Light pink
Little Dot Colour: Red


Wait, I can't set the transparencies of the colours, it uses trail art :wink: