Ban the ip of whoever that "troll" is



Don't You have anything better to do?
I'm disappointed.

Pleas ban the ip of @keemstar and who the evil guy in snowball is.

It's time to stop.


i had to XD


Yup. And in the community guidelines it says not to bring to much attention to problems.


I agree
This is so evil like what the heck


This is seriouse. The fourm will become a mess if we let these people join, and become pointless with public accounts.


If we let these joke accounts, and become pointless with public accounts? I don't get it


Who even are you dude lol


I'm anonymous but try to guess with my obvious obsession with Steven universe x3


Oh, yes. I sent them a email. Let me check my inbox.


AbocadoDont aren't you hahahah


Ummm wat I didn't even kno Avocado liked SU

Try again x3


Wait I did not mean to say joke accounts....

Wait brb

Anyways why even have a public account? It's just pointless if your goning to put your name under it, like this:


It's just like global posts, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
U can change the bio and profile pic, and see what others changed too
It's kinda fun

Public accounts are pointless

Yes I know.


I'm trying to help. Let's just pretend I don't exist if you want. :wink:


You can do with your normal account lol

Public accounts are pointless

I kno but it's fun lol
Kinda like ur legally hacking into an account >:3

Public accounts are pointless

why are we writing in small text?


shh! be quiet.


People can survive without it honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Think of all the other things you can do, customize YOUR bio as much as you want, and the perfect picture!

Public accounts are pointless