Balls moving at wrong value checked


I have a score of 10 onscreen and a ball moving down to second balls position then moving up again-this is repeating forever. each time the first ball bumps the second ball the scores value goes up by 1. The code here says when the score reaches 15 the score moves x 200 then x -200. The problem is when the score reaches 14 this starts happening and not when it reaches 15 as I have coded hear. Does anyone know why this is happening at score 14 and not at score 15?


I meant to say score moving at wrong value checked.


Hmm I don't know maybe you could change the check one if to 16


Could you please post the project and name it to lavender cupcake so I can have a look please


Published now as Lavender cupcake


Here's the link to Stradyvarious' project if you would like to have a look.

It is very strange! It must be a bug. I changed the number "15" in the Check Once If to "16" and it worked :hushed:


i changed it for you and named it strady various hope it works :grinning:


Actually, the value is at 15 when it moves. The text just isn't setting to 15 when it moves because you are setting the text and then changing the value so it is 1 behind. If you make a new text and say : Repeat forever set text to (value), it shows up as 15. Hope that makes sense!


Your right t1 it somehow works strange


Thanks for helping. This was just a small code of a bigger project I'm working on.


yes you are right. Having two set text commands is causing some kind of lag where text is about 1 second slow behind the actual value.


Yes thank you @Madi_Hopscotch_ that explains it!

Here is the original code:

And here is what you should change it to, to make it work (just switch the two blocks around):

So it displays the Text after it has increased the value.