Balloons 🎈 [CURRENCY]

This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@Rawrbear ) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Latest Collabs, Requests & Competition Topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

:balloon: Balloons: an open currency for everyone

The currency we’ve all been wanting - stop using seeds for commissions, and start spending with an open source currency that’s easy to use!

It’s so easy to make transactions :sparkles::shopping:

When you and a shopholder/commissioner have reached a consensus, just ping the current currency maintainer and tell them you’d like to make a transaction with a shop owner! They’ll get back to it as soon as possible.

Social bonuses :tophat:

Get neat badges to show on the official repository for doing great things with Balloons, like selling your awesome art, or helping someone with their code! Or, you can trade in some of your balloons for cool badges!

Accepting balloons at your shop? Get bonuses :star:

Let the currency maintainer know about your shop, and we’ll give you up to 4 free balloons per month just for using our currency, as well as a free badge depending on what you sell! Just let us know each month. Whether you’re selling code help, art, music or writing, we’ll be sure to show our appreciation!

See all of the currency holders :mag_right::chart_with_upwards_trend:

The economy is totally open! Feel free to check out balloon holders at the official GitHub repository. You can see the transaction history by browsing the Git commits.

Follow this link to see the holders list!

Please make any new shop topics on-topic! If you’re making a topic, always make sure to relate it back to Hopscotch. If you’re solely selling art, your artist portfolios are a great way to make a shop, market yourself, and offer commissions. Ask a forum leader for more information.

Benefits + Badge Exchanges

Badges are displayed in the registry. Feel free to reference them in your forum bio/portfolios too!
All badge exchanges are final and non-refundable.


  • All shopowners that accept balloons are eligible to get 4 balloons per month, on us. You can receive 2 for every transaction that has been made that month; up to 4. Please let the currency maintainer know every month to redeem.

Status Badges

  • Art Shop :art:: owner of a shop that sells drawn art. This includes sprites, OC drawings and other art commissions created with external software, like Sketchbook, Tayasui Sketches or Adobe Illustrator.
  • Coding Shop :desktop_computer:: owner of a shop that sells coding services. This includes debugging bounties, project request commissions and coded trail/object art.

Additionally, these are an honor for any shopowner or commissioner to have:

  • Top-Selling Artist :art::star::star:: sell more art than anyone else on the forum using balloons! (Two of these may exist at once in the registry. May be taken and given to a different top selling artist)
  • Top-Selling Coder :desktop_computer::zap::zap:: sell more code-related products than anyone else on the forum using balloons! (Two of these may exist at once in the registry. May be taken and given to a different top selling coder)

Cash-in Badges

Make three transactions and trade 5 balloons for any of the following badges (you can use up to 3 of these at once; one per every three transactions made):

  • Artist’s Tools (pick one): :paintbrush: :crayon: :memo: :clapper: :movie_camera: :musical_keyboard: :musical_score:
  • Programming-related (pick one): :rocket: :iphone:
  • Any yellow face emoji (including, but not limited to these ones): :grin: :joy: :slightly_smiling_face: :crazy_face: :heart_eyes: :scream: :anguished: :cowboy_hat_face: :exploding_head: :pleading_face:
  • Any yellow job-related person emoji (please specify gender; including, but not limited to these ones): :woman_student: :woman_teacher: :woman_technologist: :man_singer: :man_artist: :male_detective:

There will be a transaction count in the holders list to let you see how many you’ve done. Badges may be added on request - let the currency maintainer know if you have a badge idea.

Buying a badge will give 5 balloons to random people, to prevent currency destruction. This will be done through the use of and the position of users on the holders list. This process may be bound to future change or adjustment.

:balloon: Get five free balloons right now! :balloon:

  • Click here to claim your five free balloons, on us!

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Follow this link to see the holders list!

Support and Maintenance

The current currency maintainer is @Rawrbear. Please tag them for any transactions made, or for any questions or support needed.

Please remember to bookmark forum-based transaction receipts if needed so you don’t lose them, in case you’d like to dispute a purchase!

By using this currency, you agree to comply with any additional balances done to the economy, such as the addition of balloons. Don’t worry, though; we won’t ever take any balloons away from you! We also have the right to ban you from the system or suspend your ability to make transactions if you do anything suspicious, such as, but not limited to scamming, manipulating the system, purposefully lying, scheming, and rehosting the holders list.

Click to see balloon holders!

Getting Started Checklist

Claim your 5 free balloons with the poll above!
Accept balloons to your current commission rates and shops! :balloon:
Make your own shop topics for selling Hopscotch-related code and art commissions!
Go find awesome creators to buy from!


I figured this would be perfect to release around the forum’s anniversary! If you’re selling, please try this currency out, and tell other people to try it, so that it can grow! :D

If you believe in the future of balloons, please open a shop and accept them as a currency! This will really help the currency flourish, and you can get bonus balloons for doing so, as of writing this post.

:balloon: Thank you in advance for choosing to use balloons! :heart:

If you have any ideas for more bonuses and redeemables, please let me know!




@omtl: Balloons are a new currency for the forum! Hopefully we won’t primarily have to use seeds for art/code commissions, debug requests, and project requests. :)

Read the main topic if you’re interested!


Awesome! I’ll definitely use balloons in my shop soon.


This is cool. This would take 20 mins to read it all for me lol


Haha, there’s a lot of technical details in the original post, so let me give you (and anyone else) a TL;DR!
(Click on the blue text to go to that section in the main post.)

Balloons are a new open currency made to replace or work alongside seeds! You can see everyone who has balloons on the GitHub, too. It’s made for art commissions, project requests and code debugging bounties!

You can get bonuses and gain status for using balloons, and get your own badges on the holders list! If you host a shop using them, we can give you balloons, as long as the shop is somewhat active!
Also, if you accept balloons with your shop, it’ll make the currency better, so I’d really appreciate it! :)

You can claim 5 free balloons right now by using the poll in the main post!

Hopefully someday, we can use this currency on the forum everywhere! ^.^


hey there,
is this an independent currency, similar to epoints?


Yep! It’s also transferrable and geared towards general-use for all forumers.

For security reasons, between transfers there will be a receipt like so:

Transferred [n] balloons between [user 1] and [user 2]: commitID on the repo
Please bookmark this transaction if it’s important!

Everything is kept track of!


Cool :+1: definitely will use if I open a shop. Can I use it for stuff in projects? Like someone asks for something worth x number of balloons and I update the project every week with all of the people who bought something?


For sure! Feel free to integrate the currency into your Hopscotch projects! Maybe you could link to the forum.

Just remember to deliver on those promises, since orders can be disputed. :+1:


Nice idea :]


Okay now I get it a bit thanks


Basically, you can claim free balloons right now, and by making Hopscotch-related shops that take balloons, and by using them to buy Hopscotch-related products, we can make this thing work, with your help!


Oh okay, I understand all now thank you




Do you need help understanding anything? I’ve left a TL;DR summary here:


hey there, great topic!

cool currency.


Very cool! i’ve been trying to find stuff to do recent that’s hopscotch related, itd be fun to open a shop for code requests and code help with an alternative to seeds, i’ll probably open a code request & help shop in a different topic with balloon and seed purchases sometime soon.


I’m really happy to hear it!

@Temm, @ExplodingDucks, @DogIcing and anyone else planning to run a shop: if you all need help with anything balloon-related, like with setting up pricing, let me know - I’d be happy to help! And the list of holders is always public too, so you can ride the economy. :+1:

Feel free to charge cents too, so for example you could sell a trail art for :balloon:2.50 or :balloon:2.99 instead of trying to round it up or down! Especially early on, it might be worth charging slightly less for items.