Ball bug (idk if webplayer or code...)



Ok so I was coding air hockey and then I realized that when the ball hitted the bottom left corner it disappeared
Try it by yourself



Ya know how to open this kind of wips right?


I think what happened was the ball was going so fast that the Horizontal Velocity x -0.5 thing was happening over and over since it was of the screen which makes it continue going away.


No, that shouldn’t happen because I added “absolute value” to the equation


oh. Then that happens over and over. Multiplying by 0.5 forever will never actually get to 0. It approaches 0 but never actually reaches 0.


gtg bye


Well that makes more sense but still that should happen… because when it makes it absolute value, it should go to the right, but it finishes at negative xpos


Ok bye lemme check if that works…


What’s with the PFPs?


The doodles are taking over


The doodles are taking over.
It’s a new trend lol.


Hopscotcher started it. I think. Actually, I don’t think anyone’s sure who started it.


Actually I believe it was Rodrick834, but…



No it was me @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE @Awesome_E


Yeah GBOT plz


I don’t know, as I am not used to coding since I am inactive on Hs.


See ya @Awesome_Coder_25!