Bakugan game idea closed


I'd really like to work together on a Bakugan type of gain where you have to tilt the ipad to roll the ball to a point where it flips open to make a creature with attack/defense values and special abilities.

I can't make a good tilting ball. Could one of you make a start on this and supply a link for me.

@Phase_Studios @Isaacwotwot @hopscotch_king


here, i got the tilitng


I get a reply "this project was removed from the community" when I tapped the link.


try again. 20 CHARACTERS ARGH


i'm on pc now so it'l have to be around 19hrs from now when i try the link


I tried the link again just now and the same message came up.


I'll do it!! UGH 20 CHARACTERS!!!UGH!!!


what do you think of BEYBLADES.
having two spinning discs in an arena colliding together causing damage
and with special attacks/abilities?


Nice!!! Idea!!!!! :wink:


Can you ask to join MK37C club.
I've started a demo of Beyblades there.
I'll ask @t1_hopscotch can you please delete this topic.


I do not understand...


myself and @Phase_Studios have joined MK37C club started by @Rawrbear
You can join and work together with us there. But you have to ask @Rawrbear


Ok! Where can I join? And @Rawrbear can I join?



@Stradyvarious you have some really great project ideas here :smiley:

It would be a shame if it were deleted. You can continue on another post if you want, but you could just leave this and tag it with "ideas" or rename it something like "Bakugan project idea" so someone looking for ideas will be able to see this.


i'm making a beyblade game with others at mk37c club, this is similar in some ways.


Oh okay, I don't see any harm in leaving this here though :smiley:


fine. leave it here then,