Bai I guess...?


So yeah Rawrbear emailed THT saying I should be ip banned so um....
I'll probably be gone by the time you read this
-Kaykay (codingcupcake123 will moderate this account)




Yup. He thinks that I was the hacker in snowball, when I only made one or two rude posts and deleted them, and deleted some of Jess's rude posts.


Idk who you are, idk you in RL so maybe you're a hacker, maybe not.


Snowball is a public account, and I'm not a hacker.


Why don't you trust me? Jeez all you people here are blaming me framing me and now you don't trust me??
Well of course you don't trust anything you see on the internet


@WitnessTheLitness I don't want you to leave…


I have no choice if Rawrbear emailed THT asking them to ban my ip address


You can get in da Snowball


I can't go on any accounts if Rawrbear bans my ip, and THT emailed therealblah and he told me they are banning snowball


Can you communicate with Forumers on Hopscotch?


No, it'll spam up my account, and there's a hack I can use, but I'm not saying


Gude idea… >:)

BTW I GTG to shower, bai fren!:wink:


What time is it for you?! I


I seriously Gtg


It's 2:54 in the morning lol


Whoa....people just blame others when they have no correct proof


He based it on "my grammar" and then started comparing his test scores to mine even thin he's way older than I am


Bye fren ;-;

You were an important part of the community, whatever other people say.

Uh, Rawrbear, I think you're jumping to conclusions. You have no real evidence.


Guys, we need an IP check before jumping to conclusions