BADLANDS Collab! On hopscotch



Hi! I was looking around for inspiration, and I was scrolling through my apps, and I thought to myself... Why not make a BADLANDS collab? If you haven't ever played/downloaded the app, it's almost like Flappy Bird multiplayer! You play as a fuzzy little creature, and you tap the screen to jump. There are obstacles and little balls that make you shrink, grow, or have a few clones!

Tagging @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf because I have heard she is a great coder!



I actually LOVE this game. Hmm...


That was fast! I need help figuring out how to do the start screen and the color choices.


Never heard of it


Well, I might be able to help you. I might now. I think @Qubertion is amazing at graphics, and if he has played, then he may have some ideas. :wink:


Okay, thanks!

@PercyJackson9 Okay? :sweat_smile:


I'll try to help but yeah


Oh, awesome! You can look up photos of it if you want to see it.

@Valgo could you help on the clones/etc?


I imagine that if we were to make this, it would be an extremely simplified version. The realistic everything of this game is too hard to do in hopscotch. The only part that we could probably do is the motion for the little guy (notice how I didn't say an S. Too hard to do multiple.). I think this would turn out kind of like flappy bird. Just throwing things out there.


Oh, good point. Because we can only do a certain part of it.

Hmm... I'm gonna try something quick.


Try it.


And, nevermind! I thought I could figure out a "when x random 1-1000 is tapped, then change y by -50, but nope.


I got it! I know what to do. I can have two platforms grow by 1000 percent and place them on opposite sides of the screen (one top, one bottom). Then, they'll be sat as the background color and I'll set the invisibility to 99%. I can use when ___ is tapped rules, too! :3


I actually have the app badlands. On one of my test projects I have a physics code that would work for this perticular project.


Really? That would be awesome! I haven't worked on much yet, and have no idea whether or not my idea will work. Do you know?


I may make a project later with it.