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How do you get the saying like @Intellection74's is what is the meaning of life ?

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Only mods can change them. They don't take requests and only give them to leaders. However, they give them out once in a while.


That is a title. Only the mods (BuildASnowMan, Kiwicute2016 and Poptart0219) can give them to people :D


Who are the mods ? What does it stand for ? Can you give one to me ?


Mods are moderators. They are a level above leaders on the forum.


THT gives the title "Moderator" to people that they think can help at the forum. They can close topics, suspend members and more. You can make a project for the summer contest, the 1st price are a title of your choice and more awesome things!

Who are the mods?

Please can you give me a title ! :girl: :


I can't. I'm not a mod. The only mods are Kiwicute2016, Poptart0219, and BuildASnowman. They rarely give out titles. Either Kiwi or Poptart (I don't remember) gave me this one randomly. I love it though!


See that little shield next to my name? That means moderator.


@Kiwicute2016, when are you giving out titles?


Never, unless you win the Summer Extravaganza Contest.


Random titles?


How did @KVJ get his


Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeee give me a little title ! :worried::no_mouth::no_mouth:




I'm not Kiwi, but I don't think begging is going to get you anywhere. :wink:


Can basics and members get titles?


Do you ever give out random titles to someone?




Will any of the other mentors give out a little title ?