Badges / tags / mod stuff


Beated you there ! Will you just tag them please ! I have tried again and again !


They're probably not on right now. :wink:


Yah probably ! But I thought they were on !


I don't think you should tag Liza, the mods were the ones who handed out titles. They did this because DOS is a day about LGBT+ I think.


I tagged the mods , not Liza !


Omg, I'm so sorry! I don't know, for some reason I saw Liza lol. Sorry about that!


It is ok sepani !

Ps , are there any contests where they are handing out titles ?


I don't think so right now, but I don't know!


I am trying to get a mod help me organise my competition because all if theirs has gone really well !


I want some help ! I need help with organising things something !


@Kiwicute2013 , when are you next going to be handing out titles ? Will you be handing them out on DOS ?


@Rodrigo , can we open this topic !!!!!


I think you should keep it open so that others can learn from this!


Oh ok !!!!!! But there is ALOT of wrong information in here !,


This needs to be tidied up !




Okay I see you would like it to be opened again @Silverdolphin :relaxed: As long as it doesn't get too out of hand, I think it will be okay...

Just a note as well, I may not be able to address everything in the topic :blush:


Thank you @t1_hopscotch !!


Okay @t1_hopscotch here is my version