Badges / tags / mod stuff


Who is pt ? Never herd of him / her !


Right ! I am guessing is it Poptart ?


Pt is short for @PopTart0219


Thanks Helios ! This is a good topic for you to read as it has a lot of information about the forum !


You would make an excellent leader ! You know quite a lot already !


Well, thanks! I'm more of the tech nerd guy as I know how to use different kinds of forums well :P


Cool! Have you used any other Discourse forums before? :D
Also, late welcome to the forum! @ me any time you need help. :D


Nope! Just used to normal online forums


Ahh, cool!
I hope to see you around! :D


Same with you :D


nononononono. I'm definitely not kiwicute


Ok then XD


Hai Beepsuhood! Wassup?


@Kiwicute2013 , @BuildASnowman and @Montoya , when is DOS and what us it ? People also got titles from there and are you going to hand them out next year ?


DOS is Day of Silence. It's for LGBT+


Will they be handing out titles next year ?


I'm not sure.


How come some people on DOS git different titles to everyone else ?


Can you ask them again

499 th post !


I am tried asking them !

500 th post !