Badges / tags / mod stuff


Yah, they do get a regular title if they turn it on. :grinning:


They have to turn it on?
Why can't you set your own title?


No, when you are a regular, you can turn it on. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ok! Just asking, why can't you give yourself a title?


Idk! :grinning:


I don't think either of those actually tag anyone :wink:


They should tag...


Well they are tags but they don't actually notify the mods/leaders


@KVJ, you should be a leader xD


Thanks!!!! :smiley: :smile:


But you don't want to be a leader xD
How do you pronounce your name?


I don't think I'd be a g羹d one.

Here's how!

Burn-urd (bernard) :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk that's not my name lol

Ask on my General topic


Ok! xD


True ! I have never thought how they would work !!!!

How long until I am a regular anyone ?


Looks like in 3 days time!


Woope !,!,!!! I was a regular before , then I was demoted but anyway , I am super happy !!!!!!!


Here is the link for leadership and why we have them !

Ps , I went fishing in the forum and after an hour , I found HOW TO BECOME A LEADER !


I am supposed to have the great topic badge for this topic as it have more than 600 likes in total !


Great topic is when the first post in the topic gets 50 likes! Right now you have 15 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ! Right ! Thanks for all your help @Malie !