Badges / tags / mod stuff


I think the Mods locked her trust level at Regular for the summer, but who knows XD


She got regular and was super active, then was not active. If you visit 100/100 days and are way past the requirements, you can not go on for 50 days, which is what she is doing.


Oh ! Thanks for all the help @BuildASnowman , am I near the requirements at the moment ? How many more days roughly until I become a regular ?


Thanks for the facts too ! I did not know that ! Also, can you lock people at trust levels ?


Yes we can. Also, you need to read more topics and be on for 11 more days.


How many more topics do I need to read ?


How come @MiracleShoutouts is a regular even though she / he has been suspended ! It is a little bit unfair as she / he has regular and I do not !


Let's try not to throw blame around about suspensions... They probably have regular because multiple people use the account.


Maybe ! Also, you know you can put on your regular title if you want to !


@trust_level_4 , which badge am I next going to get and how long roughly will it be ?


Yes, I know. Thank you, though.


eh no...


These are a special treat. Leike strawberry sundae with cherry on top.(Not MARASCHINO cherry, they are SO GROSS!)


How long until I become a regular or I get my next badge @trust_level_4 ?


This is off topic ! I do not know why I am saying this but......


How long I get my next badge or regular @trust_level_4 ?


@PopTart0219, @system, @Kiwicute2016 or @BuildASnowman , which badge am I going to get next and how long ?


Because it was an alt account, I think.


Maybe though !


@trust_level_4 , how long until I become a regular or get my next badge ? What will my next badge be ?