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@moderators , when will you next be giving out titles ?


I don't think they are doing requests anymore and it's not worth bothering them! Titles aren't that important! :wink:


@moderators , how long until I become a regular again ? I do not want to be demoted but how come I was ! Please can you tell me ?


Can anyone tell me why I was demoted ? I have been trying as hard as I can to stay one as I have to study a lot !

@trust_level_4 , @trust_level_3 , please help me !


Maybe you didn't read enough or you have too many flags? You are very kind, so I don't think you have to many flags. Just try to be active! :grinning:


I am active and I have never had any flags before ! I have been reading as much as I can at the moment !


I try to be as active as I can ! I just want to be a regular again !


Hmmm... I'm not sure! The mods don't do regular checkups any more....


They did yesterday and I asked Kiwicute but she said nothing about me going o be demoted soon ............!


I was looking at your summary and I don't think you have been on for enough days! I'm m not sure tho! :smiley:


I want to become a regular ! I am super upset that I am not one !

( starts crying badly )
(Starts crying )


It's ok! I'm sure you will get it back soon. If you want, I can make you tags and things if you need!


Ok ! I will check my summary ! I was a regular for a week - @PopTart0219
gave me my title and @Kiwicute2016 took it away ! I think I have been on for enough days !


I have gotta go ! See you later !


Bye! Also, kiwicute might not have taken it away, you might not have been on enough!


True but I think she did when she checked me yesterday ! Thanks fir all the help !


No problem! Idk why or who took your regular away :grimacing: Tag me if you ever need help! :smiley:


You are an awsome friend ! Thanks for all the help ! I wish I could be a regular !!!,!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!!,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??


@staff how close am I until I get regular ? I appreciate it if you reply !


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