Badges / tags / mod stuff


No problem! If you have any more questions ever, tag me! Also, I'm leaving for vacation soon so I might not be active!


Ok ! Thanks @bluedogmc-official ! Have a nice time on your holiday !


Also, how do you make tags ? Most people in the forum have them !


What do you mean by tags? Like the things by the title of a topic?


If you mean tags by the titles of topics, regulars can make tags. I can make you any if you want!

If you mean something else what do you mean?


I mean tags ! Can you make one for me please?


I can do it! What do you want the tag to say? :D


I can! Tell me what you want! I can make one with you username if you want, or anything else!


Oh sorry lol I didn't know you were on :D


Oh it's ok! I didn't see you reply lol. I'm in the car currently and I'm bored so I'm using data. lol.


I might be inactive for a little bit so if silverdolphin asks for a tag you can make one! (If you want, if not, I can!)


Okie dokie! :D


Can you make one for silverdolphin , Cutedolphin and downright dreamers ?


Yep! Give me a minute.. I have to make them on one of my topic tho, but then you'll be able to use them!


Ok, tags are glitching for me right now, but I tried to make them. See if you can use them! I don't think there working right now. Sry.

Edit: I'm going to make them In a different topic In a minute. You will be able to use them soon!


Custom tags don't work in help and bugs.

Infinitely fading in glitch

Oh ok. Do they work in lounge topics?


Ok, you should be able to use them now @Silverdolphin! Tag me if you need anything else :blush:


Eh, not really, as long as you have tutoring, you'll be fine!

Anyway, BoT!


I m now a regular ! I am SOOO happy ! PopTart gave it to me !