Badges problem please help


This is a forum question, not a hopscotch question. On the badges page, what do the numbers mean on the right side of the page? I couldn't find a topic about this already.


How many people on the forum have it?


Oh okay thank you. I am new to the forum and I love the help and how nice people are


Yep! I means how many people got that badge :wink:


Thank you! My other question is how do you include emoticons/emojis in your posts/replies?


Do you have Emojies enabled? Otherwise, there is a little face button in the right hand corner of your post, and there is Emojies on that!

You can also do:

;) for :wink:

:D for :smiley:

:( for :frowning:

Or :) for :slightly_smiling:


I have emojis enabled, but his happens:


Oh! Just do a space between the emoji and the words and see if that helps


Ok let's try this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I hope this works! Thank you so much @SmileyAlyssa


thank you thank you thank you!


Yay! It's working! And yay! You learned how to tag people! Nice job @FunkyGoldfish!


Yeah! :wink: :blush: awesome!


Thanks! I learn fast. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: