Badges look newer(since when?)


Look in your profile the badges look different:

Please don't flag this


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The drawing topic has 73.6k hearts... That's a lot... :laughing:

Also, I personally love the new layout!


Discourse changed it and speaking of badges I got a gold one!


That looks cool i guess discourse changed it


Whoa, I don't even know how to get to that page (almost never go to our profile).

Good suggestion, @Intellection74!


I have two gold ones! Now, BOT.


Cool! I kinda like the new layout!
I also noticed that they changed "Nice Post" to "Nice Reply". Maybe other names of badges have changed?


Yeah, actually, that makes sense. A post is a topic or reply. So it sounds like it could be any of those, but it actually means a reply. I have one. A well-earned one, too.


Look under member! It says granted group chat! :smiley: