Badge stats telling



Badges are a way to keep active in the forums and it's working for me.
Today I'm going to show my badges and how many I have.
Here are the rules and things to note though:

  • Do not brag or offend someone who has less or not a lot of badges or else you will get flagged

  • Help others to say how to get a badge

  • Help people improve by giving them tips

  • Share you stats and badges! Badges can show what you have done and you want to show people your har.d work! (Some weird reason your and hard were blocked)

  • Do not show off or else this topic is getting busted or you are

  • Enjoy this topic and please do not abandon it

Here are my badges:

I have 14 different badges and promoter took the longest :stuck_out_tongue:


How did you invite someone?
EDIT: Charge your iPad.... 10%


Lol my iPad is at 1 percent XD


@EnchantedAnimallover go to the bottom of a topic and tap the "Invite" button



It's charging don't worry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do you get the promoter badge?


You have to invite a person's email using the invite button and make them join the forums and this topic :stuck_out_tongue: then after like a day you get it :smiley:


That's cool! Anyways, here are my badges:


I'm getting very hungry for that regular badge :stuck_out_tongue: @Kiwicute2016 said I only needed to read 409 topics ^o^
(I got the Japanese Kana keyboard)


You got this! We have 3+ people waiting in the lounge for you. I can't wait! :smile:


You can just look in my profile and see lol


I think I had every requirement for regular at about 12 days. :laughing:


Yeah, um, your battery is at 10%. Lol


2 gold like badges. Am I dreaming!?


Probably not! :stuck_out_tongue:


All meh badges:


@HoppingBanana I think we're in the same time zone. Not to ■■■■■ you out or anything


Well right now it's 6:46 am.


Now it's 6:47 a.m. For me


Hmm.... We do have the same time zone...