Bad.... Year for me!



Today we found out the classes of are grade. I have a good teacher but horrible classmates. I will be really stressed but will act the same. I really want to not be stressed enough to not come on the forum but... You know. What would really help is a nice time on the forum. Thanks, the stressed and feels like crying Murphy.
Will you help me thorough the year?

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I'm not trying get attention either.


Woah well this year my class is conbind together with the 4 graders and I am going to 3rd :notebook::notebook::notebook: gotta have a diary for 3rd grade.


Thanks, @Maltese, @SmilingSnowflakes @LazyLizard, and @Bananadog! This will really, really help me


What will you do for me when I get on after school? (Edit)

@smishsmash, How did your day go? (If your sad) what can I do to cheer you up!
@StarKid - How did the day go? (I sound like a mom)
@bluedogmc-official just support you! In any way you need me to!
@Niftynia75 -Of course!
Be kind and support you! Make sure you know how awesome you are!
Banny : D (sorry @Bananadog some took it out so I edited it back in)
@KVJ - support you as per usual and help any way I can (do let me know though :wink: )
@RobotPro- Help you if you feel sad. :)


@Murphy1, what would these horrible classmates do to you?
(Last year, when I was still in Y5, I had 0 friends in class and the people all seems like they have some issues with me…IDK why…)


What after school? It's morning here. Anyways how much longer until your school finishes?


Look, there all bad kids. I have no doubt they would hurt me. The teachers would catch them after though


I don't have school until the 16th


How about you be a teacher's pet? Would that be safer for you?


The typos for days oh my gosh


I agree, most of my classmates are bad as well. The boys call out when the teacher is speaking and the girls talk.(When they're not supposed to)


Ohhhh,I'm having school TODAY


No I couldn't be then I'd get picked on!


Sort if same. There are 8 girls and 12 boys


Last year in my class, the teacher didn't seem to like me, the girls didn't seem to like me, the boys…
…well, some of them like me.
The only girl I play with was a girl with no friends. She was a really good friend. This year she moved away to somewhere else.
All the Y5 teachers didn't seemed to like me for some reasons I dunno. I've always been good…


13 boys and 11 girls. Anyways back on topic.


That truly suc.ks
Will you get beaten up?


In my class there are always more girls than boys


My school is the opposite.


@Murphy1 if you ever get beaten up just tell the teacher. And they will never dare to do that again.(Unless they like trouble)