Bad stuff on Hopscotch/Forum?


Hey guys!
I was just wondering how many of you guys notice bad stuff on hopscotch (and the forum), however don’t bring it to the public. Bad stuff include hidden projects and postswith major profanity, inappropriate topics being mentioned, racist topics being stated, controversial topics being stated, and much more!!!

I invite you to share it down below. Forum stuff- please flag the post you found and maybe share it with us if you would like to. Please do not share the name of the hopscotcher. If you do, your comment will be flagged by me! No profanity, excessive negativity, and yeah! I think most of you guys know the drill! Thank you for your cooperation with this!

So yeah, RECAP: Please share any negativity you found on hopscotch or the forum here in the comments. No names PLEASE, and all the rules are up above!

Thanks for reading! PEACE OUT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Negativity isn’t bad. I think you meant ‘negotiations’.


Well, negativity isn’t BAD really. The way it is displays makes a difference. Negotiations isn’t the word I would personally use. I feel the way negativity is most commonly displayed isn’t the BEST and most approachable method. I storngly believe in promote what you love and bash what you hate!

Thank you for your comment!


I call it hostile negotiations.


The negotiations never happened.


Any of these i just report immediately.


Great job! It is the right thing to do, @KVJ


Thanks m8 :slight_smile: