Bad Reporting...Help


Someone drew a bad Word in a drawing so I reported it, but I'm not sure the HT approved of my report


I saw it and reported it


Hi @friendship2468 that's right the Hopscotch Team has to approve reports otherwise someone could be reporting projects for no reason. Hopscotch moderators can remove projects immediately, and I'm a moderator so I can go check if the project is removed from the Community yet. Do you remember the name of the project or the person that created it?

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TOTALLY! Inappropriate Language Could Be Bad. I've Also Seen A Project Called "Cupcake using the bathroom". I Reported That. This Is Why I Made "Tell Hopscotch How Old You Are".

P.S.: Tell Me The Owner So I Can Report It As Well...


Also, @FluffyMice Don't Say The Text. There Maybe Some Little Kids Around Here. But At Least The Inappropriate Word Is Blocked.


Did they look at the code or the front of it? Because they drew the word, they didn't type it. I think is was a drawing of a person riding a horse and the person had dirty hair and angry eyes, I think. Then they drew the bad word.


I don't remember the owner


Hi @FluffyMice thanks for sharing what you remember and unfortunately I can't find the person or the project. I know you're trying to help find the person and only trying to describe that person's username so don't worry.

That's definitely an inappropriate username, though Hopscotch does have an inappropriate username filter so that shouldn't have gotten through. You can edit your post to get rid of it now that we know. The forum blocked it because of the bad words.

I think you and @friendship2468 could email the Hopscotch Team telling what you remember of the project or the person and maybe they could check through faster and remove the project.

Thanks for doing the right thing and reporting it :smiley:


Hi @FluffyMice I checked the profile that you said you found in your library and I saw no projects with bad words, so the project with the bad word must have been removed already if it was there.

Emailing the Hopscotch Team is probably a better option if you find an inappropriate project since they can probably check sooner but thanks heaps again to both of you :smiley:


Hey @friendship2468 @FluffyMice @HopscotchArtAndGames! Thanks for caring so much about the health of the community! It sounds like you all did the right thing and reported this project to us. If a certain number of people report a project, it is automatically removed.

If you see something bad, you can also email us at

Thanks again, all!


That's great to hear! Thanks @Ian :smiley:


I saw a person with a bad name so I remixed his/her project and said he could better change his name. But the only thing I got back, was that I had to shut my mouth. Than I reported the project, but the problem is that the language is dutch. (As I'm dutch and the other clearly too) so I don't know if the hopscotch team can do something about it. It makes me feel bad becaus i don't know if I did the right thing.


Well you tried to help.
I don't see what you did wrong.
When people feel guilty and see that they have nothing left to say they say things like that.


Thanks I understand it, but it still feels like I have an enemy on hopscotch. And I don't know if he will go and Insult me or whatever in hopscotch. Do you understand??


Yeah, that sens of fear.
You don't know what that guy is thinking.
Anyways, don't worry we are here, if anything happens just think of us alongside with you, if anything happens just talk about it, it will make you feel better when you see other people think the same thing as you, you feel like you aren't crazy because people have the same opinion, it also makes you feel not alone.
What's his hopscotch name?


Thanks :+1:🏻:+1:🏻 you're a big help @TromaxTheDestroyer
And his hopscotch name is: poepie en kakkie.
You can translate it yourself because it's not a normal name.


Can't find his name, he probably got banned from hopscotch.


Hey @Jootje! Thanks so much for helping us make Hopscotch such a great place. You totally did the right thing and I'm sorry about the mean response that you got.

Our system is optimized for English, but everyone should feel welcome and safe in Hopscotch no matter what they speak, which is why your help is especially awesome.

In addition to reporting projects, did you know you can also email us? If you reported a project, we'll see it, but emailing is usually faster and most reliable.

You can reach us at

Thanks again!


Okay thanks @Ian and next time I will email you guys :+1:🏻


And we'd love to hear from you in other, more happy circumstances too! If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions feel free to write us!