Bad news... Why?



Ok short explanation

1(My brother broke my chargers
2((It's all my bro!)the charger won't work so no hopscotch it forum

Now I bet your wondering how I wrote this?
Well this is my sisters iPad

Really bad news

yeah my sister don't have hopscotch
But I can go on the forum
But my sister is on here 24 hours a day!
I won't be on for a short while


Oh no ! I will miss you !!!


You are a great person and I UNDERSTAND SIBILINGS ARE ANNOYING !



Maybe ask to use your sister's charger?


Good idéa KVJ !! @HopedHoper , you should ask her !


Hope you can get a new charger.


Well my sister has a mini iPad and they use a different charger to mine


And i Knowles that as i havé three of my own !


Oh no.

Parents are the answer.


Their getting me one soon

And I've got a solution

Gtg bye


Bye fren! Good luck!! :smiley:


Nuuuuuu!!!!!!! We will miss you!!!!!!!!


That stinks! Siblings are annoying sometimes. And I should know cause I have five of them including a twin


Ok..? Your not doomed at all.

Just get your brother punished so you can get it back :P

Sorry that was a bit mean


K, hope you get a new charger!


My mom would make my sis pay for a new charger XD