Bad News... About my Drafts


Hey guys. If you follow LP, please read. :frowning:
This is what I have to say:
My drafts, my requests that I have saved, they are gone.
Plus, my notifications won't update!
@Liza, @Ian, @Alish, @Asha, please help!!!
So many games I was working on are gone, and now I don't know if I get requests! :cold_sweat:
Please help!


Yikes, @LotsaPizza! I'm so sorry!

But I have good news for you! We still have your drafts in our system, and I was able to access them from one of our iPads. So don't worry—they still exist and we're going to get them back to their rightful home on your iPad.

Maybe you can try logging out and back in. That might spur the iPad to recognize that your drafts still exist. If they still aren't there, tap around in the community and give your ipad some time to connect.

If that doesn't work, can you email us at so we can fix this?