Bad Art :( welcoming ideas


Guys, I have no idea what to draw on hs. This is what I drew recently.

pls need ideas


Oh btw here are some of me and my brothers paper sketches (on paper, of course) the ones with "ME" on them are mine and the ones with "BROTHER" on them are President Pickle's.


here they are enjoy!



  • I love them!
  • They are ok
  • They are horrible
  • They are nice
  • They are not that good


Choose up to 5 options




Hi u like our art :slight_smile:


Theyre good...

Hows a8out meh art


and extremely 8ad qaulity and lighting cames from me


It was night and my light was the 8est type of lighting


Oh sorry wrong poll here's the real one

  • I love it!
  • It's good
  • It's ok
  • It's bad
  • It's horrible!


Choose up to 5 options


Ok yas I do like it ur art is good and my brothers art is good but my art is poop lel :slight_smile:


Well i could only do stick figures
And im pretty sure points to you youve seen every gravity falls episode.


like i have
and also seen all the shorts, played all the games, and even seen the rare 8etween the pines episode 8etween eps 39 and 40.


Anyone want a request I'll do it on paper but if you want a hs request pls talk to meh on hs my acc is PaperBagHatCS ok


Or you could make a gt of your own or talk in my gt


Whats a gt btw I have watched a lot of gravity Falls episodes i love EM! but I probably haven't watched ALL of em


General topic
You can see em by going to #general_topic tag.


Yeah im not into it anymore 8ut i still want the journal though
I also grew tired of watching them every day
I am a retired gravity falls fan


There's so many things to draw, look around you! Maybe personify an object, draw a pet, or a plant, or a scene from your favorite movie, anything!

There's plenty of drawing topics you can look up, the most popular being drawing on paper compared to an iPad. The 11th one is open, if you want to check that out for ideas! :D